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Slow cooked under pressure for at least 12 hours, the dense nutrition and flavour from 100% New Zealand sourced bones is extracted and used as the base of all of our ingredients.  Orders placed can be tailormade to individual specification while vegetables, spices, herbs and other ingredients can be added to create unique flavours. 

Our ingredients are readily used for functional and well being products, soups, stocks and bouillons for food service or simply as a base ingredient in manufacturing.  We excel in free-range and grass-fed beef and lamb, please see About Taranaki Bio Extracts to see what differentiates our products.  

Food Solutions

Beef Bone Broth

Beef Bone Collagen Extract (Frozen)

Beef Mixed Bone Extract

Beef Leg Bone Extract, 15% fat

Edible Beef Tallow 1%


Our technical ingredients are made from 100% New Zealand sourced meaty beef bones through a water extraction process.  These products are human consumable with further processing.

DCB - Gelbone 2/6mm 

DCB - Gelbone 6/13mm 


Beef Tallow 2% 


We exclusively source only fresh viscera-free meaty beef bones for our premium pet food ingredients.  This means our ingredients do not need to be labeled as a by-product. 

Our ingredients are made 100% from New Zealand sourced bones via a gentle water extraction process.  New Zealand livestock are grass fed and free range as nature intended.  For more information about New Zealand farming practise, please also see About Taranaki Bio Extracts

Beef Tallow 2%

High Protein Beef Meat Meal 65% (Viscera Free)

Pet Bone Broth

Dried Beef Spec (in development) - Please Contact us