Petfood Bone Broth

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Description: Frozen liquid concentrate.
Composition: Bones (species availabilty on application - Beef, Lamb, Chicken & Venison), Water, Vegetables (Availability on application)
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The product will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. The certificate will state that the product is suitable for human consumption subject to further processing.

General Information Premium ingredient available in a range of species.  Broth is made to order and is able to be made to specification if required.
Manufacturing Standards The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.
Process The ingredients are pressure cooked in water at >100­­­°C for >2 hours to achieve F ≥ 3.0. The resulting liquid is defatted and concentrated. The final product is pasteurized, packed and frozen.
Application "Bone Broth" added to ingredient list, canned liquid additive to substitute water and increase protein, protein extender in dried pet food, direct pet food supplement or liquid topper for pet food.
Specifications (Species Dependant)
Total Soluble Solids (target)
Ash, including salt

50 °Brix
≥ 40%
≤ 1%
≤ 60%
≤ 4%
Microbiological Properties
E. coli

Less than 10,000/g
Absent in 1 gram
Packaging 11.3 kg (25lb) bag, bulk stacked in SpaceKraft™
Storage Conditions Frozen (Best before 24 months after manufacture date)