High Protein Beef Meat Meal 65% (Viscera Free)

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Description: Beef Meal - Viscera Free.
Composition: 100% New Zealand Beef.
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The product will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries.

Manufacturing Standards The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
Process Rendering
State Dried
Protein Content

7% Maximum
6% Maximum
24% Maximum
65% Minimum
Not detected

4.5% Max

Calcium Max 2.2 times Phosphorus

Peroxide Value 10PV MEQ/KG Fat Basis*

Anti-Oxidant 1500ppm Naturox at time of production

Usual Shipment Size 20MT of meal per 20 foot container (20 x 1MT totes)

Packaging In 1MT tote bags on disposable plastic export pallets

Additional Attestations Labelling “Inedible – not for human consumption” - “Do not feed to cattle or other ruminants”

Best Before 12 months from packing date if stored in cool, dry, conditions out of direct sunlight

Usual Shipment Size Bulk 28 ton
Storage Conditions Store at ambient