Food Solutions - Made To Specification

Description: Bespoke natural food solutions made to specification.  Minimum order quantities apply, please enquire for more information.
Composition: The base ingredient for all of our food ingredients is raw meaty and fatty bones available in a range of New Zealand sourced species.  We use pressure cookers to release oils and proteins from the bones which are cooked with other ingredients as required to your specification to create the desired flavour.  Our process is often used for a range of stocks, bouillons, soups, gravies and sauces.
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The product will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. The certificate will state that the product is suitable for human consumption subject to further processing.

Manufacturing Standards The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.
Process Meaty bones, fit for human consumption, are pressure cooked in water with vegetables and other ingredients as required to your specification.  Oil is separated and liquid is concentrated, pasteurised and packed.
Status - Halal All product is manufactured in a Halal licensed facility.
Specifications LIQUID PRODUCT MADE TO SPECIFICATION - Please enquire for more information

Pail or bag-in-box stacked on pallet or in spacekraft.