Beef Mixed Bone Extract

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Description: It is a brown concentrated liquid extract.
Composition: 88% beef bone extract, 12% salt.
Characteristics: Bones (derived from cattle that has passed ante and post mortem inspection), Water, Salt.
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The product will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. The certificate will state that the product is suitable for human consumption.

Manufacturing Standards The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
Process The bones are pressure cooked in waster at >121C for at least 2 hours. Then the liquid extracted from the beef bones is defatted and concentrated. Salt is added and the extract is pasteurized before packing.
Status - Halal Upon request product can be shipped with Halal certification
Application Beef flavouring, protein extender, colour/taste enhancer, seasoning mixes, soups, sauces, bouillons, gravies.
Total Soluble Solids

< 1%
12% + or - 1%
> 58°Brix
≤15% (including salt)
> 35%
Above specifications are a guideline, we can customize to your requirements in particular Brix, Fat and Salt.
Microbiological Properties APC - Less than 10,000/g
E. coli - Absent in 1 gram
Usual Shipment Size 20kg plastic pails or bag in box
Storage Conditions Store at ambient
Shelf lif of the product: 12 months