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Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) manufactures and supplies natural ingredients and products made from clean and safe New Zealand beef and beef bone for the food manufacture and food service industries in New Zealand and internationally.

  • -          100% New Zealand origin material
  • -          Animals are grass-fed
  • -          Animals are free-range
  • -          BSE & TSE – Never a case reported in New Zealand
  • -          GMO-free
  • -          Animals are slaughtered anti-biotic free
  • -          The highest animal welfare standards in the world*.
  • -          USDA & FDA Listed
  • -          Halal certified facility


The New Zealand Difference:

Livestock in New Zealand are raised as nature intended, being free-range from birth, raised on a natural diet of pasture and clear water, while breathing only the purest, clean air.

Animals are protected by the law in New Zealand where mistreatment or neglect of animals is a crime. New Zealand is one of only four countries in the world to have an “A” rating for animal welfare*.  

We pride ourselves for our food safety.  New Zealand has never had a reported case of BSE/TSE, GMO’s remain against the law and our animals are slaughtered free of antibiotic residues.  All farmed animals are electronically traced through their lifetime to the final food product, giving our clients an assurance of safe food.



Taranaki Bio Extracts is based just outside the town of Hawera in the North Island of New Zealand, with stunning views of Mount Taranaki.


History & Ownership:

Since its inception in 2002, Taranaki Bio Extracts has developed into a leading food ingredients company excelling in beef products.  Exclusively using only locally sourced New Zealand meaty bones, Taranaki Bio Extracts manufactures a range of products designed for B2B transaction.  

Taranaki Bio Extracts is a 50:50 joint venture company between Taranaki By Products Ltd (part of the SBT Group) and ANZCO Foods Ltd. The SBT Group is a family-owned business employing more than 500 staff. ANZCO Foods is one of New Zealand’s largest exporters with sales of NZ$1.3bn and over 3,000 staff worldwide.

*standards according to the Animal Protection Index



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Products made from clean and safe New Zealand beef and beef bone.